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View Points

Critique of “Factor Premia and Factor Timing: A Century of Evidence”: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We argue that in Ilmanen et al. (2019) their choice of predictive variables is poor, and their statistical approaches are weak

How We Combine Factors Matters

Averaging the signals from several factors into composite factors delivers more robust results in emerging markets

The Role of Fixed Income in Equity Market Downturns

A reminder that U.S. Treasuries have historically produced positive returns in times of equity market stress

Smart Beta's Incompleteness Problem: Restoring Balance to an Unbalanced Approach

The innate value and small size exposures of typical Smart Beta strategies create unbalanced portfolios which can be addressed with a more complete set of factors

Will the Real Alpha Please Stand Up?

Is your fixed income manager masquerading beta as alpha?

Concentrated vs. Diversified Managers: Challenging What You Thought you Knew About “High Conviction”

Despite the trend toward “high conviction” managers, we show diversified portfolios have outperformed concentrated peers

Do Alphas Have Betas?

Against traditional thinking, alpha and beta are not always separate components of return.

Gaining Traction by Shifting Into Neutral

Equity Market Neutral is a classic strategy with timely benefits

The Case for Active Equity Management (Part 1)

There is plenty of evidence showing that active trumps passive—even in large cap equities

The Case for Active Equity Management (Part 2)

Behavioral biases are often the Achilles heel in benefiting from an active approach

The Many Shades of Value

The real differences among managers within the same style might surprise you

Are Quants All Fishing in the Same Small Pond with the Same Tackle Box?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, systematic managers come in all shapes and sizes